Residential Maintenance

Residential Lawn Maintenance

Our small team of dedicated lawn care professionals can be trusted to take good care of your South Florida property.

Healthy soil conditions are essential in maintaining steady growth of all plants. At Nature’s Landscape, we pride ourselves to make sure that your soil is capable of sustaining all forms of plant life by fertilizing accordingly. We mow and manicure your South Florida lawn to the highest standards, and adjust the cutting frequency according to the season and the rate of lawn growth.

We edge your lawn, taking care to remove the cut grass to avoid the buildup of thatch. Our skilled professionals carefully trim all lawn edges and clean out all flower beds. We make sure that no lawn debris ends up where it should not and blow the entire area before we leave. You wouldn’t even know that we had been there, except for the fact that your South Florida lawn will look exceptional!


We also offer additional South Florida Lawn Services including:

  • Hedge Trimming
  • Fertilization
  • Ornamental & Turf Spraying
  • Sod Installation
  • Tree Trimming- Removal

Get expert lawn service in South Florida from Nature’s Landscape.

Please navigate our services and see why our customers rave about our lawn and garden services.

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