Residential Landscape Design

Memorable landscapes reach out to all five senses. Sight is excited by plant selection, colors, placement, and views which create harmony and beauty. Sound can be created through splashes of water features, bird attracting plants, and swaying Bamboos. Many tropical and subtropical plants emit intoxicating fragrances and edible plantings are becoming wildly popular. The textures and feel of plants are limitless and fascinating.

In addition to curb appeal, plants trees, pools and hardscape elements increase property values. Plantings can be placed to reduce energy bills and to extend the living space into the outdoors for more square footage of living area.

Plant selection and placement are environmentally important because they can attract wildlife, and dictate fertilizer, pesticide, and water usage.


Walkway between palm trees

Commercial Landscape Design

Spectacular country club gated entrances, condominium grounds, office spaces and community common areas express volumes about spaces and the people who live or work in them. Commercial sites require specimens that make grand statements for the highest impact. We work with Homeowners Associations and City Approval Boards to ensure community goals are met. Our presentation materials reveal our vision and our installation crews are always professional. We often utilize plant species and waterscaping to make our projects unique and memorable.

Services Include:

Design & Build

Irrigation & Drainage

Having a beautiful landscape does not mean you have to spend hours working in your yard. Installing an automatic sprinkler system will make your yard look dense, your grass green and lush, and your vegetation healthy. It’s a great way to increase the value of your home, save water, and protect your landscaping.


  • Won't Over Water

    Your system will place exactly the right amount of water on your yard so that water is not wasted.

  • Moisture Sensing

    There are also moisture sensing devices that can turn your system off when it rains.

  • Conserve Water

    In addition to keeping your landscape attractive year round, an automatic sprinkler system will help conserve water.

A professionally installed sprinkler system is the smart way to water your yard.



Sod Laying Service & Installation

Laying new sod to create a stunning lawn is both an art and a science at Nature’s Landscape. South Florida’s premier lawn and sod laying service, our highly trained sod installation team has perfected both.

Here at Nature’s Landscape, we offer a very affordable service for the professional installation of new lawns at both commercial and residential properties. Due to volume of sod we install, our prices form the various turf suppliers are superb, and our installation charges are very reasonable.

Past Projects Include:

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Palm Trees preparing to be planted


Tree Farms

Nature’s Landscape is your wholesale source for specimen trees of any size.

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